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Doña Manuela 1, Las Piñas City, Philippines

The Teamteam

Mercedes G. Germono

The environment surrounding the real estate industry is about to undergo a major transformation along with the various changes in Japanese society. Under the group vision of "NEW VALUE, REAL VALUE", we will strategically address changes in various business environments for the medium- to long-term to realize new value creation. With our health and wellness management plan, aimed at improving the happiness of our employees and stimulating corporate growth, and a management system that increases our corporate value, we will be actively engaged in solving social issues to address the international commitments outlined in the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" and meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

Masa Katagiri

Mercimaru Corp. is a child company of Maru Inc., Japan. Therefore, we have strong networks in East and South-east Asia. We provide consulting to clients interested in investing in Japan. We also employ diverse multi-lingual staff at our Tokyo head office in order to support our Tagalog, English and Chinese speaking clients. In addition to the services offered by Maru Inc. Real Estate Group, we can also arrange Licensors, Law Firms, Accountants, etc. and assist clients in making a successful investment in Japan.

Mike G. Germono

Vice President
Our Group focuses on civil engineering and building construction as core businesses. We are also working including real estate and international businesses to increase competitiveness and diversify revenue sources.

Anton Jr. Germono

Treasurer and Computer System Engineer
We are now developing full property management software including trust accounting, lease management, receipting, inspections, repairs and maintenance, mail merge, arrears management and simplified End of Month processing.

Manuel G. Germono

Manager of Renting Section
Since 2015, Mercimaru has combined its extensive knowledge of Tokyo's real estate market with some of the city's most cosmopolitan listings to cate to an ever-growing number of discerning international customers. Whether you're living alone or with your family, prefer central Tokyo or the suburbs, we can find an upscale property that meets your specifications.

Nino S. Peralta

Manager of Cleaning Section
Mercimaru Corp. is also a cleaning company that provides residential and commercial cleaning services for homeowners, businesses and apartments. We provide cleaning services in Manila. If you're looking for the best cleaning company in Manila to help with freshening up your flat or preparing it for new tenants, our experienced cleaner is ready to assist you. You can rely on us to work to the highest of standards with diligence and respect for every job we take. We strive to ensure the first-class service to clean multiple bedrooms-based apartment, luxurious condominiums or small studios. We provide extra quality of service by strictly using eco-friendly cleaning materials while cleaning you flat or house.